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Free Tickets for Younger Music Lovers

The Guiting Music Festival is offering a number of FREE tickets to nearly all 2017 concerts* (subject to availability) to encourage younger music lovers to enjoy our concerts.


19 or Under?

We are offering free tickets for nearly all of the 2017 evening and outdoor concerts* to young people aged 19 or under.

* Does not include the family matinee full-screen animation concert on Saturday 29th July 2017

We normally expect holders of free ticket to be accompanied by an adult. However, we understand that this may not always be possible, in which case please let us know your circumstances and we will do our best to accommodate you.

 Accompanying adults will be charged at the standard price for the concert but we can arrange to seat your party together (subject to seating availability, of course) - please contact us with your requirements.

Applications should be made by e-mail only to the Festival's booking office using this email address:

Please ensure you give the following details for all applicants:

  • Full name(s)
  • Age(s)
  • Address(es)
  • school/college/university
  • concert choice(s) in priority order, where appropriate



  • Applications may be made for an individual to attend more than one concert but lower priority will be given to subsequent requests once an initial free ticket has been allocated.
  • Please let us know at least 24 hours before the concert if you are unable to attend  so that we can re-issue your ticket.
  • Free tickets are issued to named individuals and are NOT transferable without our prior agreement.
  • Whilst we will make every effort to arrange for parties to be allocated adjacent seating, this cannot be guaranteed.
  • All decisions regarding the allocation of free tickets remain at the sole discretion of The Guiting Festival, whose decision is final. No discussion or correspondence will be entered into.
  • This offer may be withdrawn at any any time without prior notice or reason being given.


Adult Tickets

Tickets for this year's concerts are priced from £15 to £22 per adult.

Tickets will be available from 1st April 2017 under the Priority Ticket Scheme and on general release from 1st May.

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