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What are cookies?

Cookies are used by websites to improve and personalise your visits to that site in the future.

They’re used by nearly all websites, apps and mobile sites to ‘remember’ you – either just for one visit (a session cookie) or for repeat visits (a persistent cookie).

Cookies do lots of different jobs, like letting you navigate between pages easily, storing your preferences, and generally improving your experience of a website. It’s done to make the interaction between you and the website faster and easier.

A cookie is a simple text file that’s stored on your computer (or mobile device) by a website's server. Only that server will be able to see what’s in that cookie. Each cookie will contain anonymous information such as a unique identifier number and the site you’re visiting. This information allows the website to remember things like your preferences, or the content of your shopping basket. So each cookie is unique to your browser.

EU "Cookie Law"

A recent EU law, the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, requires that all European businesses explicitly notify you when cookies are being used on a website. This is why, when you first visit a website in the EU, you will see a warning about cookies in use on that site.

This law was introduced to help users understand that some websites could use cookies surreptitiously to your potential disadvantage, e.g. by gathering detailed personal information and tracking your browsing activity without your knowledge. It may not necessarily be malevolent but you may want to restrict who knows what you are doing and how much they find out about you.

In order for the Guiting Music Festival to comply with this law, you will see a cookie notice pop-up on our web pages on your first visit to our site and from time to time afterwards. You will need to click the button to show that you accept our use of cookies. If you see the warning on every visit it may be because something (e.g. "system clean-up" software running on your device), or someone, has cleared your browser's cache and removed the cookie we use to "remember" that you've seen our cookie notice and accepted it! It will also happen if your browser it set to reject cookies.

We believe that the cookies we use should not be cause for any concern but trust that you will contact us if you have the slightest doubt or question about the cookies we do use, or how we use them.

Further information

Additional independent details on implementation of the "EU Cookie Law" can be found on the UK government's ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) website.

What cookies does our website use?

The Guiting Music Festival (GMF) will use cookies to improve your experience of our website and to remember any preferences that you may set.

Our site also uses cookies from third parties such as Google Analytics and YouTube. These help to, for example, know where you are in the world, what type of device you are using (PC, Mac, smartphone etc) and which pages most interested you. They are also necessary to let you see, for example, YouTube type videos and local weather forecasts running on pages within our website.

Check for Yourself

If you want to check which cookies we are using on our site you can use an on-line "Cookie Checker" such as to audit our (or anyone else's) website. Remember, there are plenty of these free-to-use audit tools available on the web, this is only one of them.

Your Agreement

By using our website, you agree that we can place these types of cookies on your device.

If You Don't Agree

If you don’t want to accept cookies from us (or from anyone else), you have the option to stop using our site or you can change the privacy settings on your browser to:

  • Remove cookies from your hard drive
  • Set your browser to block cookies
  • Set your browser to send you a warning notice before a cookie is stored on your device.

However, remember that you might not be able to make the most of our website (or other websites) without cookies – some functions need cookies to work. You can always turn on cookies again at a later time by changing back your browser's settings and then use everything on our site properly again.